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Solar Connectors

Go green and power up with our solar connectors! Our AC and DC connectors are perfect for solar applications, and we also offer integrated custom cable assemblies.

  • T4 connectors (MC4 compatible) – 1500V & 1000V DC

  • T4 branch connectors – 1500V.   Also available in branch cable configuration.

  • T5 / T6 connectors – Our proprietary 4 pin AC connectors.  Designed to support solar AC cable trunking applications such as microinverters, these can also be used in other applications where cable trees are needed.



Solar Cables


The Right Cable for Every Job


GPSI Solar has custom cables for any solar industry need, from AC & DC trunking cables to branch cables to inline fuse cables to battery cables and more.

  • Supporting EPCs with Custom Solutions

  • Time-Saving Solutions


Our custom harnesses are perfect for EPCs in commercial and utility scale installations. We can use connectors from any manufacturer you wish, so you get exactly what your project needs.



Energy Storage Connectors

Our high voltage connectors are rated for 1500V and come in a variety of current ranges so you can find the perfect option for your application.

  • 80A/125A

  • 150A / 200A / 250A

  • 300A/350A